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Here you can find a complete history of our Past Captains and Ladies Captains back to 1929 when the club was opened

We hope you like the new format including Captains photos below. These will be updated on an ongoing basis. Thank you.

Year Club

2022 M.D.N Blackburn J.Ross
2021 W.S Finikin  M.Luson 
2020 W.S Finikin  A.Wilson
2019 A.Young  N.Hepden 
2018 J.O Graves  A Wilson
2017 I.M Cochrane D.M Murray
2016 G.A.K Jones V.Martin
2015 P.Heath S.Jones
2014 P.Vermont F.Platel
2013 A.C Sherriff G.Cook
2012 W.J Goldsmith S.J Eades
2011 T.C Moore M.D Young
2010 A. R Butler H Snelling
2009 A.H. Williams S Kennedy
2008 P.P Terry J Goodfellow
2007 J.B Chignell M Griffiths
2006 R.G Smith H. Nicol
2005 I Thomson N.Alderson
2004 J.S Sole C.Graves
2003 C.R Walton-Gould J.L Lawrence
2002 B.Grundy M.A Brown
2001 A.Donovan A Shires
2000 W.Glover C Ruddell
1999 J.A Rowe J.M Kennedy
1998 B.T Lawrence A.E Brown
1997 P.A O'Sullivan C.Jones
1996 G.Gilby P.A Gilby
1995 C.A Kennedy N. Hepden
1994 R.P Denny V.B Long
1993 R.I Rundle V.Field
1992 R.A Jakes D.M Vaughan
1991 F.E Bleasdale S.E Farley
1990 A.Farley B.Bowmer
1989 H.J.K Jones P.Smith
1988 R.S Russell J.P Pick
1987 C.J Sims J Von Gerard
1986 D.J Murray L E Barr
1985 N.E Hoult V.M Warhurst
1984 R.C.F Perry J Smith
1983 P.C Belcher A.R Hermitage
1982 I.A Booker B Croome
1981 I. Collard M Hagger
1980 S.E Foot L.S Turney
1979 P.J Duffen E.M Logan
1978 T.Cheetham L.H Wintgens
1977 J.C.W Cox R Fisher
1976 R.R Teale L G Knight
1975 R.W Smith W.F Snell
1974 R.P Farley MBE G M Naish
1973 C.L.C Fitzgerald L.E Bevington
1972 J.B Moller N.Kay
1971 H.J Porter B.G Gibson
1970 H.Jones K.B Haig
1969 N.J Woods A. Gale
1968 W.E.S Romer G Ford
1967 A. Warren W. Wright
1966 J.S Ray R.D Ayliffe
1965  J.C Williams L.U Ryall
1964 K.A Rose M Macphail
1963 J.J Watson CMG A Warren
1962 F.C Lucas M.J Reaney
1961 J.Riddoch F.C Drew
1960 J.Riddoch H.W Legg
1959 H.W Legg C.M Sullivan
1958 C.D Mitchell   L.W Clark
1957 A.C Duncan H.E Hilbert
1956 A.C Duncan D.M Bain
1955 C. D Mitchell R.P Harding
1954 F.M Butler E.W Cheer
1953 E. Lillie D.A Collin
1952 F.E Parr G.V O'Connor
1951 J.G Hensman A.B Howells
1950 S.J Browne E.H Seel
1949 A.T Huntin R.F James
1948 W.P James T.A Noyes
1947 J.J Monkhouse J.L Haworth
1946 Sir Leonard Sinclair J L Haworth
1945 Sir Edward Ferguson

1944 Sir Edward Ferguson B Taylor
1943 Sir Edward Ferguson B Taylor
1942 Sir Edward Ferguson B Taylor
1941 Sir Edward Ferguson B Taylor
1940 Sir Edward Ferguson B Taylor
1939 Sir Edward Ferguson M.R Gruzelier
1938 A.W Leworthy J L Haworth
1937 A.C Duncan G P Parker
1936 W.J Parsons I.B Dunnard
1935 P.V Cave A.C Scott
1934 A.E.H.E Letts A.C Scott
1933 F.L Blackford A.M Rex
1932 H.W Parker R.H King
1931 N.Baines H.Glen
1930 C.W Hardwick H.Glen
1929 C.W Hardwick H.Glen




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