Cuddington Golf Club

Dress Code

The Dress Code is set to ensure an appropriate standard at the Club and is aimed at being presentably smart and tidy, and should be enforced.

On the course

  • Generally clothing and footwear designed and sold specifically for golf. Trousers or shorts should be tailored for use with a belt.
  • Socks will be worn at all times, long socks or short white socks are acceptable with short tailored trousers.
  • Hats may be worn as designed.
  • Men’s shirts or tops will be tucked in, Ladies may be un-tucked if close fitting.

Inappropriate:  Denim items, cargo shorts, trainers, football shirts, collarless shirts.

In the Clubhouse

  • Smart casual clothing, shirts with a collar and tailored trousers.
  • Clean and dry golf apparel as for the course, including thin knit, polo necked jumpers.
  • Spiked shoes (clean) are only permitted in the 19th.
  • Golf hats will not be worn.
  • Clean shirts (not used on the course that day) that are designed to be worn outside the trousers (no tails) may be worn, not tucked in.
  • Sandals may be worn without socks for men and ladies. 
  • Proper, clean, boat style shoes enclosing the whole foot, may be worn without socks.
  • A tailored jacket may be required in the dining room on a Sunday but is not required in the lounge or bar.

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